Minecraft and Fallout shake hands in a unique game


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3079 is a first person role game with an open world (think Fallout: New Vegas or TES: Morrowmind), in which we play a soldier from the future that lands in a strange planet in constant war. Our objective, far from killing everyone, is to restore peace.

All the scenery, the buildings, the objectives, the characters and the missions are generated randomly. This means that in every game we will find completely different challenges and situations. Although none of them will be especially original or elaborated.

Our character can shoot, hit, jump, swim, scream, steal, open doors, pick up and use objects, etc. That is to say, we will have many different actions at our disposition, ready to be used whenever the occasion requires it.

The best part of the game, besides being able to play alone, is that we can also play a game with a group of friends and be a little barbaric with them. Which is possible thanks to the great weapon arsenal that the game offers, which include guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, swords, etc. This promises good fun.

3079 is a very fun and original title. If its creator continue to work in it and giving it the support it needs, we might be looking at a very interesting concept.
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